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Capitalizing on theZetaChain Testnet success, ZetaChain has not only rolled out theZetaHub Pre-Claim eventbut also successfully launched the eagerly awaitedZetaChain Beta Mainnet.

ZetaChain - Claim Airdrop,Claim free ZetaChain - Claim tokens

As a token of appreciation tothe Testnet users, they've now unlocked theAirdrop claim process of31,500,000 $ZETA tokens, worth approximately $US 38,000,000. Claim your Free tokens now!AboutZetaChainZetaChain stands as the world's premier Layer 1 decentralized public blockchain network, driving cross-chain efficiency, streamlining asset transfers across various chains, and eradicating the need for token wrapping or locking, thus elevating overall blockchain efficiency.

At the core of the ZetaChain ecosystem lies the $ZETA token, used as the native coin for gas fees, empowering cross-chain transactions, and enhancing network security.

How to join the ZetaChain - Claim Airdrop?

Requirements to earn free crypto coins

Native blockchain

Step-by-Step Guide ''ZetaChain-$ZETA Airdrop Claim''

  1. Check youreligibility via theZetaHubAirdrop Pre-Claimportal.
  2. If you're eligible, proceed tothe ZetaChain Airdrop Claim portal.
  3. Complete theKYC procedureand claim your Free$ZETA coins.
  4. All users canstart earning XPin the first mainnet launch campaign.

▪️ The ZetaChain token is already listed on Bybit.Congratulations on reaching this milestone!



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