SynFutures may get an airdrop

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About airdrops

SynFutures has raised $22M in funding from various investors like Pantera Capital and HashKey Capital. They don’t have their token yet but could launch one in the future. Users who do testnet actions may get an airdrop if they launch their own token.

About SynFutures

SynFutures is a leading perp DEX that creates an open and trustless derivatives market by enabling trading on anything with a price feed anytime. SynFutures democratizes the derivatives market by employing an Amazon-like business model, giving users the tools to freely trade any assets and list arbitrary futures contracts within seconds.

SynFutures may get an airdrop

Step-by-Step Guide

1、Visit the SynFutures testnet page.

2、Connect your wallet.

3、Change the network to Goerli.

4、Get some testnet ETH from here.

5、Go back to SynFutures and click on “Mint” from the top right to mint testnet USDC.

6、Now go to “Trade” and make some trades.

7、Go to “Earn” and stake USDC to any pools.

8、They don’t have their own token yet but could launch one in the future.   Early users who trade on the platform may get an airdrop if they launch their own token.

9、Please note that there is no guarantee that they will do an airdrop and that they will launch their own token.   It’s only speculation.

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Cryptocurrencies safety knowledge

1、Never share your private keys.

2、Use 2 Factor Authentication on your wallets.

3、Be careful while downloading wallets of smaller projects and use a Virtual machine.

4、Be cautious with links redirecting to wallets.

5、Don’t use your main email address to apply for airdrops.

6、Stay away from re-using your passwords.

7、Do not send crypto to receive your airdrop.