Mirage AI Airdrop

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Mirage AI kicks off its social media debut witha spectacular $30,000 Token Airdrop, rewarding 625 lucky winners with 266 $MRG each, and crowning the top 50 referrers with 1,500 $MRG each. Jump in now to win your share!AboutMirage AIMirage AI reimagines the Web3 landscape with AI-NFTs, seamlessly merging generative AI, trustless smart contracts, and cross-chain compatibility, empowering the development, ownership, tokenization, and commercialization of AI assets, characters, and ÐApps.

Mirage AI Airdrop,Claim free Mirage AI tokens

The MRG Token acts as a protocol-level catalyst, driving intelligent NFT creation, AI service coverage, and governance, while also fueling innovative AI content development, fostering user engagement, and expanding AI-NFT possibilities, revolutionizing the Web3 landscape.

How to join the Mirage AI Airdrop?

Requirements to earn free crypto coins

Native blockchain


Step-by-Step Guide ''Mirage AI-$MRG Airdrop''

  1. Head over to theMirage AI Airdroppage on GiveLab.
  2. Follow@Mirage_AI_ & Retweetthis Tweet tagging 3 friends.
  3. Join the Mirage AI community on Telegram Channel & Group.
  4. Submit your BSC wallet(BEP-20)address and invite friends.

▪️625 random winners get 266 $MRG each, and the top 50 referrers earn 1,500 $MRG each.

* The announcement of winners and prize distribution will take place on February 27th, 2024.

** Stay tuned with@AirdropAlertcom



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