MERA Invest Airdrop

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MERA Invest is rolling out a massive Airdrop campaign, distributing astaggering50,000,000 $MERA tokens, which constitutes 5% of their total supply, through a series of Airdrops.

MERA Invest Airdrop,Claim free MERA Invest tokens

Don't miss out on this golden opportunity to be part of the metaverse revolution!AboutMERA InvestMERA Investis a groundbreaking platform that merges real estate with a 3D Metaverse, leveraging blockchain for secure and direct property management and Real World Assets (RWA)investment opportunities.

$MERAwill be the in-game currency, facilitating transactions, governance, and access to unique real estate NFTs, making it easier for users to venture into tangible asset markets.

How to join the MERA Invest Airdrop?

Requirements to earn free crypto coins

Native blockchain


Step-by-Step Guide ''MERA Invest-$MERA Airdrop''

  1. Head to the MERA InvestAirdroppage on Zealy.
  2. Follow@MERAinvestand@MERAtokenon Twitter.
  3. Join MERA Invest onDiscordandTGGroup/Channel.
  4. Completeadditional social tasks andinviteyour friends.
  5. Add your Fantom Operawallet address to your Zealy profile.

▪️The more tasks you complete,the more $MERA tokens you’ll receive.Best of luck! ☘️

** Stay tuned with@AirdropAlertcom



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Cryptocurrencies safety knowledge

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