Blur - Season 3 Airdrop

Airdrop valuen/a
End date2024-05-01

About Blur

Blur is a zero-fee NFT marketplace designed for pro traders, featuring a real-time aggregator that allows for sweeping and listing across multiple NFT marketplaces.  BLUR is the first marketplace to offer advanced trading tools at no cost and incentivized royalties.

Blur Lending, also known as Blend, is an innovative Peer-to-Peer Perpetual Lending Protocol for NFTs, co-developed with @DanRobinson and @Transmissions11.  It enhances yield opportunities and makes NFT ownership more accessible, mirroring the role of mortgages in real estate.

About airdrops

The conclusion of Blur Airdrop Season 2 paves the way for Season 3, a phase teeming with attractive rewards for NFT traders and $BLUR holders. Huge rewards galore ahead!

The season 3 is boosted by a collaboration between @BlurFoundation and @BLAST_L2, an innovative Layer 2 solution backed by giants Standard Crypto, eGirl Capital, and @Paradigm.

Blur - Season 3 Airdrop

Step-by-Step Guide

The Blur Season 3 Airdrop divides its rewards equally between NFT traders and $BLUR holders:

1、50% go to NFT traders through Blur Points, obtained by bidding, listing, and lending.

2、50% go to $BLUR holders, earning Holder Points with a multiplier based on the time held.

3、Blur Season 3 will last till May 2024, and all of the rewards will be provided by @BLAST_L2.

▪️ Start earning points and claim your Season 2 Airdrop rewards before the deadline ⏰

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