beoble Airdrop

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beoble is the Whatsapp for Web3. Their chat app allows crypto wallet owners to message each other, and their integration toolkit allows Dapps to add a great communication experience to their products fast.

beoble Airdrop,Claim free beoble tokens

beoble had raised $2M in funding from investors like HashKey Capital and Samsung Next. They have confirmed to launch the CAT token and do an airdrop to users who collect points. Sign up at beoble and complete simple tasks to earn points. Also, earn more points for each referral. The points will be converted to CAT tokens in the future.

Step-by-Step Guide:
  1. Visit the beoble app page.
  2. Connect and verify your wallet.
  3. Now enter our unlimited referral code “09c70c7c-4793-4cc5-b680-4428c79ca32d” and sign up.
  4. You’ll receive a bonus of 20 points when you sign up using the code above.
  5. Now complete simple tasks to earn more points.
  6. You can get points for logging in daily, sending messages, reacting to messages and more.
  7. Also, earn 20 points for inviting your friends.
  8. They’ve confirmed to airdrop CAT tokens to users who collect points.

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Although we strive to list only legitimate projects, But we can't detect all scams, we are not responsible for any problems or losses caused by scams or inaccurate information. Therefore, in the process of receiving airdrops, everyone should have their own awareness of screening.

Cryptocurrencies safety knowledge

1、Never share your private keys.

2、Use 2 Factor Authentication on your wallets.

3、Be careful while downloading wallets of smaller projects and use a Virtual machine.

4、Be cautious with links redirecting to wallets.

5、Don’t use your main email address to apply for airdrops.

6、Stay away from re-using your passwords.

7、Do not send crypto to receive your airdrop.