New Airdrop Coindeal

Coindeal Derivatives Airdroping total of $1693 and apple, iPhone, drone, nano, ledger wallet in prizes to their community members!

To participate , visit the coindeal derivatives page and join the game complete the social tasks and earn extra points.

Also, invite friends and earn 15 points for each referral. Join The Game – win the prize! The Game CoinDeal is a competition platform where you can win valuable prizes. Play on derivatives and invite your friends!

Step By Step Guides :

  1. Visit the Airdrop Page.
  2. Join the game and verify your email id.
  3. Complete social tasks and earn extra points.
  4. Also, invite friends and earn 15 points for each referral.
  5. For more details about airdrop visit the Official Announcement.


Required tools :

Email / Twitter / Telegram / Facebook

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